Agricultural land use and livestock composition by case study of the SURE-Farm project - Input data for a dynamic nitrogen flow model

  • Pinsard Corentin (Creator)
  • Barbara Soriano (Contributor)
  • Mauro Vigani (Contributor)
  • Jo Bijttebier (Contributor)
  • Carl Johann Lömpke (Contributor)
  • Mariya Peneva (Contributor)
  • Camelia Gavrilescu (Contributor)
  • Gordana Manevska-Tasevska (Contributor)
  • Simone Severini (Contributor)
  • Wim Paas (Contributor)
  • Alisa Spiegel (Contributor)
  • Pytrik Reidsma (Contributor)
  • Katarzyna Bańkowska (Contributor)



Dataset used as input to the model by Pinsard et al (2021) and results published in D5.5 of the SURE-Farm project.
Date made available2021

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