RGB-statistics derived from Nile red-stained reference plastics for the construction of the PIM (Polymer Identification Model)

  • Nelle Meyers (Contributor)
  • Ana Catarino (Contributor)
  • Annelies Declercq (Contributor)
  • Aisling Brenan (Contributor)
  • Lisa Devriese (Contributor)
  • Michiel Vandegehuchte (Contributor)
  • Bavo De Witte (Contributor)
  • Colin Janssen (Contributor)
  • Gert Everaert (Contributor)
  • Belgium Flanders Marine Institute (Contributor)
  • Belgium Institute For Agricultural And Fisheries Research-Flemish Government (Contributor)
  • Belgium Laboratory Of Environmental Toxicology And Aquatic Ecology-UGent (Contributor)


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