Supplementary material 2: Towards harmonization of DNA metabarcoding for monitoring marine macrobenthos: the effect of technical replicates and pooled DNA extractions on species detection. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 5: e71107.



Explanation note: ESM Table S1. Used primerset. ESM Table S2. Abundanties Morphological identified sample. ESM Table S3. Read numbers. ESM Table S4. Unassigned ASVs. ESM Table S5. Output UpSetPlots. Prediction of the number of species when using x number of replicates from the species accumulation method. This finds the expected richness following Coleman et al. 1982. ESM Table S6. Unique species genetic identified sample, with comparable species from the morphological identified sample. ESM Table S7. Table with results of PERMANOVA for DNA replicates and pooled DNA extractions with the Bray-Curtis index. Table S8. The species picked up in all six DNA replicates (A) and unique for one of the DNA replicates (B) are listed. The corresponding size class is given in column F. If the species is also found in the morphological identified sample, the abundance (counts) is given.
Date made available6-Jan-2022

Keywords datasets

  • biological replicates
  • diversity
  • technical replicates
  • pooling
  • pcr replicates
  • metabarcoding protocol
  • north sea
  • bulk DNA
  • DNA replicates
  • macrobenthos

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