Automatische verzameling en rapportering van hoge resolutie visserijgegevens – uitbreiding en opschaling van het VISTools-systeem

Project Details


Main research question/goal

The results from the previous VISTools projects have led to a useable Proof of Concept of a Business Intelligence Tool that is able to provide a vessel owner with real-time information of his vessel. Within this project, the system will be improved and expanded in order to prepare a full release for the entire Belgian fishery fleet.

Research approach

The upscaling of the VISTools system is prepared by (1) improving the system and testing its robustness on 4 additional fishing vessels, (2) expanding the system with additional sensors on board of the Z.483 and (3) preparing the legal aspects of upscaling the VISTools system.


The VISTools system has the potential to offer high-resolution, real-time information to the benefit of different end users (skippers, vessel owners, researchers and government).  To achieve this goal, the system must be made more reliable and needs to be tested on multiple vessels. The database infrastructure needs to be improved to cope with more data and this data needs to be presented in an accessible manner to different end users. It is the project’s ambition to deliver a reliable system than can be upscaled to the entire fishery fleet.

Effective start/end date1/09/2030/06/23

Flemish Discipline list

  • Development of bioinformatics software, tools and databases
  • Performance evaluation, testing and simulation of reliability
  • Sustainable fishery management

Data Management Plan flag for FRIS

  • DMP not present


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