Perception study in the community of Landen

  • Rogge, Elke (Project Manager)
  • Dessein, Joost (Former Researcher)

    Project Details


    Main research question/goal
    The central research question here is, Which partnerships between local farmers and activities in tourism and nature conservation are possible? The municipality of Landen assigned an architectural firm (Plus Office Architects) to develop an appealing vision of the future for their city. The vision is developed based on the design of a master plan for the city centre and scenic-quality plans for Landen's 13 entities. In this study, the scenic quality of the countryside – where agriculture is the mainland user of space -  is also examined.  A participative trajectory is used to help the architects investigate potential partnerships with the agricultural sector. ILVO develops the participative trajectory.

    Research approach
    We investigate potential partnerships through a series of interviews and a focus group with farmers in Landen. The central themes of the interviews and focus groups are the spatial quality and scenic quality of Landen, the joint strategies concerning erosion and water pollution problems, and potential partnerships between agriculture, tourism and nature.

    The results of the participative research trajectory are bundled in a report for planners and the municipality. The results and proposals from the participative trajectory with the agricultural sector are integrated into the overall scenic-quality plan for Landen. The research results also contribute to doctoral research that focuses on the linkages between social and spatial transformations in rural areas.
    Effective start/end date1/01/121/01/13