Perception study on agrarian architecture

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    Main research question/goal
    Which kinds of agrarian architecture are experienced as pleasant by the major user groups of the countryside (residents and visitors)? Together with partner INAGRO (extension service for agriculture and horticulture), ILVO answers this question with the project entitled ‘Perception Study of Agrarian Architecture’. Agrarian architecture in the West-Flemish agricultural landscape has undergone several changes in the last decades. New local and global challenges often cause farmers to redirect their activities. Specialisation, mechanisation and new secondary activities need to find their place and space within the same farm. The new structures and buildings, often consisting of new materials and techniques, are embedded in an existing context.


    Research approach
    A brief literature review and expert consultation map the current state of the art of landscape perception research. Furthermore, diverse methods to work with photo surveys are explored. We collect pictures using existing photo databases. Some pictures are consciously edited (using Photoshop CS3 and MS Picture Manager) to get a more objective result based on the manipulation of only one variable. We compose and run a scientifically correct and balanced photo survey.


    To avoid architectural and landscape conflicts, the province of West Flanders sets up various recommendations concerning new materials, colors and design, based on the opinions of experts and field experience. This research provides policymakers with objective data on the following questions: How are landscape manipulations appreciated by the general public? What is the opinion of residents and visitors, of the agricultural landscape and new agricultural buildings? How do they experience architectural change of farms within the landscape?

    Effective start/end date1/02/121/05/12