Better Rural Innovation: Linking Actors, Instruments and Policies through Networks

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Main research question/goal

The European Partnership for Innovation (EIP-AGRI) is the central research object within the LIASON project. This Partnership was proposed by the European Commission in 2012. The core concept promoted and facilitated by this policy instrument is the "interactive innovation approach". This vision is also increasingly being applied within the research program of the European Commission, Horizon 2020, in the multi-actor projects. Nevertheless, there is plenty of room for improvement. The research within LIAISON therefore seeks to support and optimize the application of the "interactive innovation" approach. In addition, the project aims to provide insights that enable the successful implementation of EU policies to improve innovation and innovation processes in agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

Research approach

LIAISON is a true multi-actor project that brings together a diverse community of researchers, actors in innovation projects, initiatives and networks, decision makers and administrators in an interactive work program. In this way, different and diverse perspectives and types of knowledge are used within LIAISON to collaborate on the design, implementation and results of "interactive innovation projects", both within and outside of the EIP-AGRI framework. This is done by building a database with the stories of existing projects in and outside Europe and also by elaborating 32 cases, in which the success factors and barriers to the "interactive innovation approach" are examined more closely, for the actors involved as well as for policy makers.


The results of LIAISON include ready-to-use methodologies and tools to optimize the use of "interactive innovation" projects both within and outside the EIP-AGRI approach. These provide added value:

For actors involved in interactive innovation projects - access to practical "How to" guides to bring projects to a successful conclusion and an online "Interactive Innovation" Toolbox with good examples that can serve as inspiration.
For policy makers via Policy Briefs that show how the institutional context can contribute to the proper functioning of interactive innovation projects at different policy levels.
Funding provider(s)
EU Horizon2020
Effective start/end date1/05/1830/04/22