Bovine Beef Innovation Network Europe

Project Details


Main research question/goal

The European Commission has dedicated significant resources to enhancing knowledge exchange and innovation in agriculture via thematic networks; however no network focused solely on beef farmers has been established to date. BovINE is stepping forward to close the divide between research and innovation by bringing together beef farmers, farming organisations, advisors, researchers and other relevant actors across Europe to tackle urgent challenges faced by beef producers.  

Research approach

BovINE focuses on 4 key key themes of socio-economic resilience, animal health and welfare, production efficiency & quality and environmental sustainability.  as identified by the European Roundtable on Beef Sustainability.  Using  the multi-actor approach BovINE will (i) capture and share innovative ideas and methods from practice about each of the 4 themes across Europe and (ii) identify and conserve research findings that have not yet been widely adopted, enhancing their potential for integration into practice by assessing feasibility at demonstration farms. We install communication channels to disseminate the knowledge regarding good practices and research findings back to the beef cattle farmers.


BovINE, an international project, will work with local subnetworks that are bound together transnationally. The four 4 thematic networks that are further linked to organizations and platforms in the entire EU. The biggest value is expected from comprehensive communication and dissemination activities targeting beef cattle farmers across Europe. A BovINE Knowledge Hub will be set up as a central repository for use by beef farmers, associations and advisors. A user friendly project website facilitates peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.  

Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/22