Ontwikkeling van een interactieve FarmDemo-Hub community ter bevordering van farmer-to-farmer leren.

Project Details


Main research question/goal
The overall aim of the AgriDemo-F2F research project (H2020) is to enhance peer-to-peer learning between farmers. The project highlights the potential learning outcomes of demonstration activities within the commercial farming community and investigates how we can maximize the impact of farmer-to-farmer learning on demonstration farms in Europe. The focus on demonstration practices on farms takes place at the crossroad of science, experiential knowledge of farmers and technological innovation. In order to reach this goal, we examine as many learning opportunities occurring between farmers as possible.

Research approach
First we construct a European inventory of open commercial farms that engage in demonstration activities. These activities may focus on demonstrating research results on commercial farms (science driven), or sharing innovative farming practices among practitioners (innovation driven). Next, derived from the inventory, we will select 24-36 case studies to analyze and compare based on 1) their network structure (actors, roles and governance characteristics), 2) the mechanisms and tools used for recruitment, interaction and learning, and 3) the effectiveness of the different approaches, assessed through an evaluation of the extent and nature of learning.

Peer-to-peer approaches seem promising from an educational perspective, but have not been sufficiently studied in its different forms occurring in farmer-to-farmer settings. In addition to this scientific value, this European project also offers a clear practical value: the research results will be reinterpreted to best practices and policy recommendations. The inventory, best practices and policy recommendations, together with the demonstration farm showcases, will be available on an interactive, user-oriented, web-map application: FarmDemo-Hub. This web application aims to inspire farmers as well as policy makers to properly organize peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.
Effective start/end date1/01/1730/06/19