Project Details


    Main research question/goal
    Enerpedia 2.0, part of Flanders’ Climate Fund, is one out of three overarching and complementary initiatives in Flanders that deal with energy in agriculture and horticulture. A consortium of extension services research centers, professional associations and research institutes aims for a maximal awareness-raising and coaching of agricultural and horticultural producers about sustainable energy solutions. The consortium builds upon its knowledge and expertise gained from previous and ongoing projects. It addresses its target audience making use of a common communication platform. ILVO is sharing its expertise in the energetic valorization of biomass and energy-efficient ventilation.

    Research approach
    The consortium is taking many actions to introduce sustainable energy solutions such as pocket digesters, small wind turbines, solar energy solutions, energy-efficient cooling and storage systems and heat pumps in the sector, The focus is on (1) awareness-raising and educating the sector by e-communication, workshops, demo’s, an ‘Open energy house’ and the presence at fairs, (2) networking among the research partners, (3) measuring campaigns for checking and validating innovative techniques, and (4) individual and group coaching of agriculturalists and horticulturalists. A monitoring tool for the expected climate or energy savings is being developed to assess the effective impact of the diverse actions taken in Enerpedia 2.0.

    The objectives concerning energy savings, renewable energy production, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, N2O, and CH4) will be met when innovative and sustainable energy solutions are widely introduced into the various subsectors of the agricultural and horticultural sector. It will significantly alter the energy and climate performance of the sector.
    Effective start/end date1/06/1431/05/17