Faster, cheaper identification of emerging virus problems

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<strong>Main research question/goal</strong><br /><ul> <li>Is it possible to develop a standardized protocol using direct RNA sequencing (Nanopore technology) for pure plant virus preparations ?</li> <li>What are the performances of this protocol applied on more complex matrices and variable virus titers compared to the current reference NGS technology ?</li> <li>What are the gaps, needs, and possible improvements for the current on-site detection tools (LFD, LAMP, portable real-time PCR&hellip;) and how can the Nanopore technology provides a solution for the current shortcomings ?</li> <li>Finally, by creating a transnational stakeholders community on for on-site testing, the project consortium aims to create a solid base, and be responsive on the rapidly developing technologies that can contribute in the development of faster, reliable and sensitive onsite virus diagnostic tools.</li> </ul><br /><strong>Research approach</strong><br /><p>1. Testing the Oxford Nanopore technology (ONT) on pure virus preparations</p> <p>2. Technology evaluation on plant samples</p> <p>3. Creating stakeholders community for on-site testing</p> <ul> <li>Creating stakeholder community for on-site detection of plant viruses</li> <li>Opportunities for on-site surveillance on plant viruses</li> </ul> <p>4. Outreach and dissemination</p> <ul> <li>Reporting and dissemination to scientific community</li> <li>Reporting and dissemination to authorities</li> </ul><br /><strong>Relevance/Valorisation</strong><br /><p>The results of technological development of the nanapore sequencing technology for use in plant health will be shared with the partners of the transnational initiative, the EUPHRESCO network, and by extension also the whole Plant Health community (through EPPO and international publications). In particular the individual NPPOs will be targeted as much as possible, to help them setting and prioritizing on-site diagnostics.</p>
Effective start/end date1/10/1831/03/21