Certified climate mitigation by irrigation cooperatives in Kolla Tembien (Ethiopia)

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Main research question/goal

The KLIMIRRI research and development project focuses on water infiltration and the improvement of a local ecosystem in Ethiopia, particularly in Kolla Tembien. In addition, the partners aim at reducing the impact of climate change, i.e. the natural recovery of degraded slopes, improved hydrological conditions and the development of spring water. This will all be achieved through targeted, smoother water infiltration. In addition, the project also has a demonstrative purpose: it aims to demonstrate how environmental regeneration benefits local irrigation cooperatives. The Kolla Tembien region, in the Northern Highlands of Ethiopia, is a hotspot for land degradation related to climate change. Recurring drought, erosion and loss of biodiversity are a structural problem there.

Research approach

Beyond the efforts around water infiltration and regeneration, the monitoring of progress in this project is another special aspect. We are taking advantage of the opportunity to link the ecological and climate objectives to the existing economic factor of existing certified EthioTrees in the nearby district of Dogua Tembien. (Dogua and Kolla together form the 'Tembien Highlands'). Carbon storage in the Kolla Tembien region will be quantified and certified through the Plan Vivo standard, as a simple extension of the existing certified EthioTrees project in Dogua Tembien.


The climate impact of the water initiatives is carefully measured and independently certified and validated. At the same time, the ecosystem is better protected and local communities can draw a sustainable income from downstream irrigation agriculture. Proceeds from carbon credits are reinvested in local social-ecological projects, under the control of citizen councils, in accordance with the Plan Vivo standard. In doing so, the project explores how to strengthen the formation of irrigation cooperatives. After a one-time investment in 2020, the KLIMIRRI project is intended to be self-financing until 2040.

Effective start/end date1/10/201/04/22

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  • Agricultural hydrology
  • Water resources management
  • Agricultural plant protection

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