Green raw materials, innovative use of agricultural crops

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    Main research question/goal
    Six Flemish and Dutch research institutes and research stations participate in the Interreg project entitled ‘Green raw materials, innovative use of agricultural crops’. The goal is to search for new applications of plant production in the border region between Belgium and the Netherlands). This project's innovative focus is to form new economic chains in addition to the theoretical and technical concepts. This approach links industrial sectors for the innovative use of agricultural crops. Some of the crops under study are leek, onion, miscanthus, rapeseed, hemp, flax and sugar beet. ILVO’s part of this research focuses on the innovative applications for straw of rapeseed, hemp, flax and miscanthus.

    Research approach
    We develop a pellet mill and refine it to the point where private manufacturers can most likely successfully manufacture such a machine. The phases are: 3D designs, performance calculations and testing each part of the machine. We explore using a number of (parts of) crops. We bring the relevant partners together to develop action plans for innovative uses of each crop. In the ‘pellet mill’ subproject, after resolving the technological questions, we explore questions such as “who are the potential customers?”, “what is the actual need?”, and ”what are potential stumbling blocks?”. ILVO retrieves the answers from information and consultation meetings, bilateral consultations in the project, partner matching, etc. Through these channels, we also start implementing the action plans.

    The concept for a mobile pellet mill, developed as part of ILVO’s contribution to this project, has potential value for innovation trajectories of rapeseed, miscanthus and hemp, amongst others. The testing and evaluation of the consecutive modules (chopping, hammering and compacting) reduces the risk for manufacturers and heightens their potential return on investment. The study of energetic efficiency and economic benefits gives a clear view of the market opportunities. The results of this research are made ??public through traditional communication channels.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/12