How can we improve the knowledge about different fish species in hotel schools?

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    Main research question/goal
    The Food2know (Fish2know) project rests on the boundary between scientific knowledge transfer and information. The aim is to significantly increase insight into the topic of wild caught fish among stakeholders who can be considered as ambassadors of the product: future chefs and food service staff. Supporting this project are ILVO’s scientific expertise and the ILVO mission to work towards a sustainable fishing chain, together with the Flemish policy objective to provide (medium-term) better market penetration for less-known fish species. The hoped-for result is better pricing for the Flemish fishermen that land these fish. Concrete applications are that the students of Flemish hotel schools are offered a range of interactive exchanges and practical information.

    Research approach
    We have created an attractive educational package that includes workshops, trainings organized at the fish auction and seminars including practical as well as theoretical knowledge. A set of handouts was given to the participants after the course. We then asked the schools to which extent what they learned actually influences students' knowledge. Based on the feedback, we further adjusted the approach. The elements that are definitely addressed are the origin of the wild fish, the chain that it goes through before arriving in a kitchen, the diversity offered by the Flemish fishermen, the quality assessment and all aspects of food safety. The daily training thus outlines a total picture of the activities of the Flemish fisheries sector.

    The Flemish hotel schools train the chefs and catering staff who will be professionally active in restaurants and the food service industry in the future. The promotion of Flemish fish in all its aspects should therefore be part of this target audience. In an internal sectoral questionnaire, it was found that the students had a very limited knowledge of the range of wild caught fish. We therefore expect a great improvement of the audience's knowledge. We also believe that this approach contributes to better market penetration of lesser-known fish species.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1231/08/14