Improvement of regional prosperity through better resource utilization on dairy farms and stakeholder cooperation

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    How can we support an ecologically and economically viable dairy sector in Northwest Europe, and thereby strengthen the rural communities in these regions? In DAIRYMAN (short for 'dairy management') experiences, knowledge and techniques are exchanged between three stakeholder groups: the participating regions, a network of commercial forerunning farms and Knowledge Transfer Centers (KTC). The climatic and soil conditions in Northwest Europe are excellent for dairy farming, but the dairy sector is finding it difficult to implement European legislation in an effective and socially acceptable way. The sustainability of dairy farming is also under pressure, mainly because of rising input prices and inefficient use of resources.

    Research approach
    The heart of the DAIRYMAN project is to construct an extensive network for knowledge exchange between different stakeholders. Successful and innovative ideas are demonstrated and systematically exchanged between all three groups of stakeholders, along with excellent examples of cooperation, research tools and strategies. To enable this exchange, pilot farmers, advisors and researchers meet in regular discussion groups, both at a regional and interregional scale. We also facilitate knowledge exchange on regional sustainability and the regional implementation of EU policy, and develop guidelines to optimize this process. At the KTCs we evaluate highly innovative farming systems aimed at improving sustainability, and we share the results with (pilot) farmers and farm advisors.

    To maximize knowledge exchange, results of the project are distributed in the specialized agricultural press and in open houses, agricultural fairs and other forums. The network of commercial pilot farms becomes an example for local dairy farmers. Experience built at the KTCs allows for more cost-effective implementation of innovations in the field and lowers the associated risks. Training programmes and classes are also developed for farmers and their advisors.

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    European Union - Other Funding

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    Hooibeekhoeve - proefbedrijf voor veehouderij
    Wageningen UR - PRI-Plant Research International
    Effective start/end date1/10/091/09/13

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