Incubator for start-ups in aquaculture - Fish auction site Ostend

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Main research question/goal

Flanders has a lot of academic expertise in aquaculture, but has few successful starters and commercial businesses in the field of the Blue Economy. Risk money and good infrastructure are often missing in the start-up phase, which results in insufficient strength to bridge the production phase without income. How can we ensure that startups have sufficient chances of success to grow into a profitable company?

Research approach

The multidisciplinary MariFish Inc. consortium wants to help start-ups in aquaculture by facilitating infrastructure, i.e. incubator space/living lab (UGent/EFC/OSP) and technical/biological expertise in aquaculture and the Blue Economy (UGent/ILVO ), and also entrepreneurship. In addition, Marifish will contribute to the marketing of the culture products.


By clustering the knowledge and networks of the involved partners, synergies will arise between the existing and new activities. The presence of strategic basic and applied research by the knowledge institutes on the site will have a stimulating effect on technological and business development of SMEs and will form an additional asset in attracting start-ups in aquaculture. In time, this project should contribute to the further development of aquaculture in Flanders and Europe.

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External partner(s)
Vlaamse Visveiling
Effective start/end date1/10/2131/12/23

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  • Aquaculture