Aerial particulate matter in Flemish pig housing systems: characterization and evaluation with respect to occupational safety, animal health and emissions

  • Demeyer, Peter (Project Manager)
  • Van Ransbeeck, Nele (Former Researcher)

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    General introduction
    The goal of this IWT Agricultural Research project is to characterize and evaluate the problem of particulate matter in Flemish pig husbandry. The project approaches this question from three perspectives. The first examines the indoor particulate matter concentrations and their effect on occupational safety for the farmer and the veterinarian. The second research topic also concerns the indoor particulate matter concentrations with respect to animal health and production. Finally, the particulate matter emissions in some conventional and low emission housing systems are measured over one year periods.

    Research approach
    This project starts by developing a measuring technique for the performance of representative particulate matter measurements in existing stables (intermittent measurement method). This method is then applied in existing stables to obtain typical indoor particulate matter concentrations and to quantify emission factors for pig fattening facilities. Last, based on the indoor particulate matter concentrations, an assessment is made of the impact on human (occupational safety) and animal health.

    The measuring technique developed in this project makes it possible to collect relevant, practical data concerning particulate matter in pig husbandry. These data can be used for impact analyses of particulate matter in terms of the effect on humans, animals and the environment. This information is useful for the livestock industry as well as policymakers. The farmer benefits from appropriate regulations (legislation and techniques) and more favourable production conditions (animal health, production, and occupational safety). Using research as the basis for policies about environmental issues and animal health is clearly beneficial for farmers and consumers alike.

    Funding provider(s)
    IWT - Instituut voor de aanmoediging door wetenschap en technologie in Vlaanderen

    External partner(s)
    Ugent - Fac. Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen
    Ugent - Fac. Diergeneeskunde
    Effective start/end date1/01/0931/05/13

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