Agriculture and open space in the urban region Gent

  • Rogge, Elke (Project Manager)
  • Dessein, Joost (Former Project Supervisor)
  • Prové, Charlotte (Former PhD Student)
  • Kerselaers, Eva (Former Project Supervisor)

    Project Details


    Main research question/goal
    For its new spatial structure plan “Space for Ghent – Structure vision 2030”, the city of Ghent has requested information on the agricultural activities in Ghent. What area is currently being used for agricultural activities in Ghent? Which trends do we see? Which needs do farmers have and what are the spatial implications? What area will still be available for agriculture in 2030? In order to answer these questions, Ghent commissioned ILVO and the consultancy offices of SumResearch and Paul de Graaf to develop a vision on agriculture in and around the city of Ghent in 2030, and to translate this spatially.

    Research approach
    For this research, we first mapped the current agricultural activities by means of GIS analysis and available farm data. Through a forum, workshops, site visits and interviews, we asked stakeholders about the threats and opportunities for agriculture in and around Ghent. In a second phase of the research, we used five spatial cases to provide input in discussions with stakeholders. Starting from the concrete cases, policy recommendations for a sustainable Ghent have been formulated.

    The city of Ghent intends to use the research results as input for its new spatial structure plan “Space for Ghent – Structure vision 2030”. This new plan should help the city to tackle the spatial planning challenges within the city limits. The new plan should also contribute to reaching the ambition of being a climate neutral city in 2050. Central concepts are sustainability, interweaving and diversity.

    The research report (in Dutch) can be downloaded at the website of the city of Ghent. (see link below)

    A brochure with the most important results can be ordered with
    Effective start/end date1/04/1431/12/16