Long term data collection program for rays and skates in the framework of the Landing obligation

Project Details


Main research question/goal

This project focuses on data collection aimed at quantifying discard quantities and predicted survival rate of ray at species level in order to scientifically substantiate the exception for high survival under the landing obligation. To integrate this new information into scientific population dynamics models in order to provide input to improve the management of commercially interesting species of skates and rays for Belgian fisheries.

Research approach

Key objectives:
1) Collection of detailed data on biological parameters of skates and rays by extending the existing national data collection and catch analysis of additional sea voyages focused on skates and rays;
2) Identify "choke" situations by skates and rays based on catch statistics and quota allocations;
3) Filling knowledge gaps identified in the "Roadmap for skates and rays";
4) Analysis of the newly collected data and its integration in new stock assessment tools;
5) Based on the results obtained, make recommendations for future sustainable management of the various ray populations.

Effective start/end date1/02/2031/07/22

Flemish Discipline list

  • Sustainable fishery management