Improved shrimps fisheries by creating value through quality improvement

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    Main research question/goal
    The main objective of this short-term practical research project is to answer the question of how to have a high-quality (Belgian) brown shrimp without preservatives or additives with a sufficiently long shelf life, which stand out from the other brown shrimp now available. This project aims for improved qualtiy, an increase in the market value and valorisation for the fisheries sector and a better quality product for the consumer. The project focuses in particular on the new/renewed fishery product raw/live shrimp. For clarification, raw shrimp is a "sleeping" silent state (uncooked, fresh, chilled) but no longer moving, while live shrimp will jump at landing after being held for example in buckets of water.

    Research approach
    The approach embraces technical, participatory and economic research methods. First, we work to optimise the technical procedures for the handling and storing of live/raw shrimp after landing. The treatment of the shrimp on board the vessel takes place in another related research project. In close collaboration with the relevant companies and wholesalers, we evaluate which techniques for superfresh storage and processing are the best, which are possible and which are most diverse: keeping them cool and fresh (alive); or cooking offshore, creating a natural product with a good shelf life without the application of preservatives or other additives. We study how to build a strategy for the product itself and the culinary possibilities to attract the attention of retail, caterers and consumers.

    The aim of this project is a broader organisation of the market for brown shrimp and the whole processing and marketing chain. We expect this study to generate a new/renewed fishery product with better valorisation and clear positioning on the market. Both the economic and ecological sustainability are aided by a marine product that is less far transported (fewer kilometres) and reaches the consumer with a superior quality, without the addition of preservatives or other additives and a sufficiently long shelf life. The likelihood of success is increased by a clear description of the stakeholders envisaged, e.g. high-quality trade and fish shops, specialised catering businesses and high-end retail sales. The consumer becomes familiar with the true product and understands the added value of the regional character of the product and the quality and taste of this seasonal product.

    External partner(s)
    Vlaamse Visserij Vereniging
    Effective start/end date1/09/1228/02/14