Towards more sustainable poultry farming via source-oriented ammonia emissions reduction

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Main research question/goal

The general aim of this LA-project is to help the poultry sector on its way to a socially accepted low-emission poultry farming system. The goal of this project is to look for ways to reduce ammonia emissions based on a source-oriented approach. This benefits not only the environment, but also the poultry farmer and his animals by optimizing the house's climate. This will be achieved by supplying and implementing effective and efficient feed, ventilation and management strategies. The project will initially focus on the broiler sector, however the obtained insights may also be applicable for the laying hen sector.

Research approach

The research question can be translated into the following objectives:
1. Participation of the sector in 3 technical discussion groups 
2. Testing of potential strategies to reduce ammonia emissions via source-based feed, management and/or ventilation strategies
3. Implementation of best practices on commercial companies.
4. Transfer of knowledge to the broader poultry sector
5. Providing services to the sector
- through a simplified measuring method
- through a design tool to set ventilation configurations for low-emissions


New realistic opportunities are created to reduce ammonia emissions from poultry farming. These are presumed rollout trajectories: 1) implementation of best practice techniques on practice companies 2) tailored advice for individual companies 3) the availability of a validated simplified measurement method so that the ammonia emission or reduction can be determined after implementation of a strategy; 4) the spread of the developed knowledge, tools and success stories to as many poultry farmers as possible; 5) the use of a design tool so that manufacturers make the step to new developments; 6) strengthening the innovative capacity of the companies developing innovative, low-emission houses.

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Innovatiesteunpunt Boerenbond
Proefbedrijf Pluimveehouderij
Effective start/end date1/09/1831/08/22

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  • Environmental technologies
  • Agricultural animal nutrition