Substantiated flax growing - Using precision agriculture in fiber flax

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Main research question/goal

This project brings precision agriculture and smart data use to the flax secotr. Flaxsense 2.0 has the overall goal to enable that flax growers to monitor their fields more efficiently and objectively and to allow improved cultivation techniques through new data analysis insights. To achieve this goal, frequent satellite images will be used to allow monitoring of distant fields within one image and one shot. 

Research approach

Through satellite images, flax growers are able to monitor their fields remotely and substantiate their cultivation decisions with objective information. In a first step, an existing crop growth model will be adapted to convert satellite data into predictive estimates and preventive actions. Additionally, field trials will show whether remote sensing could be used as management decisions support system, such as the application of growth regulation in flax. 


The flax sector has a typical wide distribution of often changing plots. This makes it difficult for growers to visually monitor all fields regularly. The use of precision farming techniques for monitoring and making cultivation decisions on the flax plots is a step forward in efficiency and in sustainability. We therefore expect a favorable economic impact for the flax grower, and an environmental improvement of the cultivation. Through this project the flax sector increases its chance to remain anchored in Flemish agriculture and helps to preserve the agrobiodiversity on the Flemish fields. This may boost the ambition towards more local circular bio-economy chains. 

AcronymFLAXSENSE 2.0
Effective start/end date1/10/2130/09/25

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