Development of innovative techniques on board of the vessel for the manipulation and processing of living brown shrimp

    Project Details


    Main research question/goal
    Which technical improvements on the shrimp vessels must be made to ensure the landing of higher quality live and/or raw brown shrimp? This short term practice-oriented research project is linked to another ILVO project ("liveable shrimp fishery') whose aim is to optimise trading and processing of live/raw brown shrimp. That optimisation begins on the vessel. The first unwanted damage to the crustaceans occurs on board the ship, especially during sorting and storage. The final objective is to increase the diversity of applications, the freshness and the quality of Belgian brown shrimp. Both the shrimp fishermen and the consumer benefit.

    Research approach
    We collect data of existing methods and equipment on the shrimp fishing vessels in Belgium and abroad. We evaluate each of the existing concepts and procedures to sort and store shrimp on board. Working together with the fishers; we try to develop an idea for treatment and storage of live/raw shrimp on the ship that scores better in terms of death and damage to shrimp. We will test this idea for its technical and economic feasibility in practice.

    Currently, only a limited number of live or raw brown shrimp are sold at the Belgian fish auctions. Preliminary studies show that this niche product could offer an economic and culinary added value for fishermen and consumer, respectively. Improving the understanding of treatment, grading and storage aboard the vessel is the first step to reduce damage to the living shrimps. This can support market renewal for the supply of raw/live shrimp.
    Effective start/end date1/04/1331/08/14