Shaping ecosystem based fisheries management

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General introduction

SEAwise aims to provide a fully operational approach for European Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) by addressing four specific objectives: (1) build an EBFM network of stakeholders, advisory bodies, decision makers and scientists, (2) assemble a new knowledge base of European fisheries interactions with social and ecological systems, (3) develop predictive models to evaluate, select and implement EBFM strategies across Europe accounting for changes in the environment and marine space and (4) provide ready-for-uptake advice for EBFM for Mediterranean, Western and Northern European waters.

Research approach

SEAwise will (1) Identify the stakeholder community, their species, habitats and responsibilities, (2) Establish ecological and social system priorities under the current legislation, determine factors influencing these priorities, conduct susceptibility analysis and identify management strategies, (3) Conduct quantitative assessment of susceptible species objectives, (4) Predict impact and robustness of management, (5) Co-design an information system and (6) performance assessment and establish research needs. At each step, social, ecological and interdisciplinary scientific methods will be used to analyse the Social-Ecological System.


The evaluation of management strategies in SEAwise will help member states with their compliance with the requirements of international (UN SDGs) and European legislation and policies (CFP, MSFD, Food 2030 policy blueprint). The principles of social and ecological sustainability will be fully integrated in an innovative and inclusive Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management with a strong focus on climate change, adaptation and mitigation, CO2 emissions, impact of other maritime activities and evaluation of adverse effects of fisheries on coastal and other marine areas.

Funding provider(s)
EU Horizon2020
Effective start/end date1/10/2130/09/25

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