Development of a practical measuring technique for the airflow rate and emissions of naturally ventilated animal houses

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    The use of natural ventilation in animal housing is problematic as no reliable measuring and control technique is available for the ventilation rate. Likewise, no reliable measuring technique exists for aerial emissions from naturally ventilated animal houses. The aim of this project is to develop a practical measuring technique which can be used to measure and control the ventilation rate as well as to quantify gaseous emissions (ammonia, odour, greenhouse gases).

    Research approach
    The project starts with the development of a reference measuring technique for the air flow rate through rectangular sections. The reference technique is calibrated under conditions of mechanical ventilation and then placed in the ventilation openings of a test construction in the field. Online dynamic sensor measurements, emission measurements and respective models are validated in the field under conditions of natural ventilation. A practical measuring technique for the natural ventilation rate is deduced through thorough analysis and modelling of the results. This technique will also be useful for the evaluation of the emission behaviour.

    Ventilation systems based on natural ventilation are relatively cost-effective. Furthermore, these systems can offer better comfort for the farmer and housed animals than artificial systems. The experimental setup is based on a naturally ventilated pig stable. The technique and knowledge developed here will surely be useful for other agricultural sectors (dairy farming, greenhouses, product conservation) and even for different sectors (e.g. office buildings). A measuring technique for aerial emissions from naturally ventilated animal houses is also very valuable for policy purposes.

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    IWT - Instituut voor de aanmoediging door wetenschap en technologie in Vlaanderen

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    Ugent - Fac. Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen
    Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/14

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