Pulse fishing Flemish coast - Part 1

Project Details


Main research question/goal

Coastal, recreational and commercial line fishermen indicate that the increasing presence of Dutch pulse fishing most likely contribute to their decreasing catches. The EMFF project “Pulse fisheries Flemish coast – part 1” aims to detect potential biomass changes in  sole, plaice, sea bass, cod and brown shrimp stocks in the southern part of the North Sea before and after the introduction of pulse fisheries (in 2009). This project runs from September 2018 until July 2019 (11 months). 

Research approach

The calculation happens in two steps: 1) ILVO scientists investigate whether biomass changes as reported by fishermen can be confirmed using the available commercial and recreational fisheries data and fisheries independent data from surveys. 2) the fishing effort from the Belgian and Dutch commercial fleet will be analysed and compared for the period before and after the introduction of pulse fisheries.


This project aims to provide an integrated answer to the research question whether a potential (causal) link is present between pulse fisheries and the distribution and status of commercial fish and brown shrimp stocks. Solving this question is necessary to preserve fish stocks along our coast and to guarantee a long-term and sustainable continuation of (pulse) fisheries in the southern North Sea.

Funding provider(s)
Effective start/end date1/09/1815/12/19