Regions and sustainable development

  • Zago, Romina (Former PhD Student)
  • Dessein, Joost (Former Project Manager)

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    Main research question/goal
    This research answers the following interlinked questions: What is de meaning of the notion ‘sustainable regional development’ in different geographic contexts and in different time frames? What is a useful and workable demarcation of the concept of ‘region’ in the tension field of sustainable development and regional development? How can this demarcation contribute to a better, more sustainable, regional development? This project is part of the COST-action IS1007 ‘Investigating Cultural Sustainability’. Results are published in the form of a book.

    Research approach
    Based on case-study research from different European countries we create an analytical framework to position 'regional development and sustainability' in the academic literature.  We formulate recommendations for policymakers at various policy levels.

    Throughout Europe, regional development is being challenged by major societal and economic changes. In this transforming countryside, 'region' becomes a more adequate analytical and policy concept than outdated categories like city-countryside, poor-rich, center-periphery.  In addition, this book project offer Flemish policy makers some support when adapting rural policy to this new reality.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/16

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