Rodeland landschapsproject

Project Details


Main research question/goal

Rodeland is a landscape project on the territory of the municipalities of Gavere, Melle, Merelbeke and Oosterzele, neighboring several ILVO experimental fields. Governments, nature and agricultural organizations and research institutions work together to strengthen and further develop the landscape around the Makegem forests, the Gentbos, the Aelmoeseneiebos and the valleys of the Gondebeek, the Driesbeek and the Molenbeek.

Research approach

Through field actions, these partners want to jointly build a natural and agricultural landscape in the coming years where many plant and animal species feel at home. Forest and nature restoration, broadened agriculture, small landscape elements, routes for soft recreation, integrated water management, heritage and research,… will be put in the spotlight through mutual cooperation.  In 2020, ILVO started a development project around an "agricultural research landscape". Both projects - Rodeland and the agricultural research landscape - have a logical synergy and inform each other's goal-setting.


We expect the development of a nice green area that will be even more accessible for nature-based recreation: a place to cycle and walk, enjoy, play and relax. ILVO also contributes to the scientifically-supported information about Rodeland.

Effective start/end date5/07/195/07/24