Soil and Crop Sensing Technologies

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    Main research question/goal

    Slowly but surely, the rise of GPS technology on agricultural tractors and machines is breaking through in Flanders. The Operational Group called 'Socrosense', set up in the Flemish agricultural context, aims to share knowledge and experiences about added value of GPS applications in the research triangle consisting of farmers, contractors and technological companies. The use of the GPS is considered as a first step, which leads to many hidden possibilities. The systematic open dialogue within the expert group - a learning network - means that there are more opportunities to integrate the GPS on the tractors and other machines. As a result, the control of both tractor and machines can become completely autonomous. In addition, the operational group also uses exploratory steps to link numerous sensors with the GPS technology. A question here is how to optimally use the data coming from the various sensors. Finally, as the number of sensors on the company increases, the data flow will also increase. Good management must ensure that the data is (or can be) optimally used.

    Research approach

    The operational group is being opened up to agricultural companies and equipment manufacturers active throughout Flanders and in various sectors that either have he necessary experience with GPS control and sensors or who wish to implement this at company level. The group is joined by actors from both the business world and scientific and practical research centers who are familiar with GPS and various sensor technologies. The operational group will facilitate new potential opportunities and challenges in a practical, informal way.


    For farmers, opportunities and knowledge are created to produce more efficiently and sustainably, in particular through the use and integration of GPS and sensors, and by managing the increasing flow of data as clear and accessible as possible. In this way, opportunities for data mining and smarter management come within reach.

    Effective start/end date15/09/1630/11/18