SpectroFood: Agrifood quality estimation using hyperspectral techniques

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Main research question/goal

The increasing need for quality products has led stakeholders to demand reliable, real-time, and cost-efficient solutions to determine quality during the different phases of cultivation, namely on the field, during transport and during product storage. SpectroFood aims to propose a methodology to monitor product quality from the production right through to consumers, using hyperspectral imaging systems.

Research approach

Within SpectroFood, research is done on robust estimation of relevant quality parameters with hyperspectral sensors and analysis techniques (including artificial intelligence). During different phases of the cultivation, hyperspectral sensor measurements are linked with field information and storage parameters. The focus of the Flemish partners in this project is mainly on leeks as part of a wider European project. Within this European framework, the spectral measurements for quality determination are also used in broccoli, apple, cherry and mushroom cultivation.


The hyperspectral measurements provide an objective picture of the quality during the various production processes. They contribute to transparency throughout the chain and allow further optimization of the production processes. This project will lead to an increase in knowledge and competence. In addition, within the duration of the project, the business model to be used will be clearly visualized as to ensure that hyperspectral sensors can find their way into practice.

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/23

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