Strengthen IUNG’s proficiency on “Managing the Production of Food and feedstuff, their safety and quality under global Climatic Change”

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    <strong>General introduction</strong><br /><div>This project is about the European collaboration that supports the Polish research institute IUNG (Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, Pulawy, Poland). ILVO is a partner in this FP7-REGPOT project (website <a href=""></a>). ILVO’s role is to coach IUNG researchers, together with a panel of other European research institutions. Researcher exchanges from and to IUNG are also planned. The PROFICIENCY project seeks greater expertise, visibility and intensity of cooperation with existing and new partners within Europe.</div><br /><strong>Research approach</strong><br /><div>ILVO‘s contribution to the cooperation network with IUNG includes a joint PhD project on drought stress in grasses (Lolium, Festuca and Festulolium). ILVO also offers short training courses to IUNG researchers. Furthermore, the European partners (including ILVO) want to strengthen the links with international research centers and Polish users (government, industry, crop consultants and farmers), e.g. by organizing courses, training days, seminars, events for farmers, civil servants, researchers and politicians. Interdisciplinary research and the development of national and international collaboration with research institutes of a high quality is a new approach for IUNG.</div><br /><strong>Relevance/Valorisation</strong><br /><div>The PROFICIENCY project aims to contribute to a high competence in Poland for the production of high-quality, safe food and feed. Poland gets better methodologies for risk assessment in safety issues related to soil and food. These methods can help the government to gather fast, objective and impartial information. IUNG’s participation in EU joint research projects is strengthened by this project, now and in the long term.</div>
    Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/13

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