Synergy between mariculture and passive fisheries

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Main research question/goal

Research on finding synergies between mariculture and passive fisheries. This involves the optimalization of the cultivation techniques for oysters, mussels and seaweed, as well as the development of North Sea proof maintenance and harvesting techniques for the various species, the development of SMART aqua farming and co-creation with the various stakeholders.

Research approach
  • Development of suitable substrates for the capture of spat and growth of the target species.
  • Identification of effective fishing gear for the BPNS and increase their efficiency by the incorporation of stimuli.
  • Development of prediction models for the growth of the target species, weather, larval transport and special observations for exceptional events.
  • Co-creation of the species produced by the short chain, fish auction and retail.


The project should make the introduction possible for the commercialization of mariculture in the BPNS, and research the possibilities for integration with other economic activities.

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Vlaamse Visveiling
Effective start/end date1/10/1931/12/23

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