The European Agroecology Living Lab and Research Infrastructure Network: Preparation phase

Project Details


Main research question/goal

Based on the premise that Open Innovation Arrangements and in particular Living Labs  and Research Infrastructures  are instruments that have large potential to contribute to amplifying agroecology in Europe, the main aim of ALL READY is to prepare a framework for a future European network of LLs and RIs that will enable the transition towards agroecology throughout Europe.

Research approach

The project relies on a highly participatory and inclusive approach and on experimentation in real life situations and thus itself uses a living lab approach. The project has 3 phases: an initial preparatory phase in which the vision, scope and mission for the Network are defined and the criteria for inclusion in the Network of LLs and RIs are defined. In a second phase, different prerequisites for the future Network will be prepared (sustainability, governance, capacity building, data and knowledge management). Plans for each of these will be constructed with stakeholders and then tested in a small-scale pilot network and then refined to match needs. 


This project enables the mapping of current and emerging LLs, RIs across Europe and their characteristics, highlighting best cases. One of the final outcomes of the project will be a pilot-tested Implementation Plan for implementing the validated framework of ALL READY.

Effective start/end date1/11/2031/10/23