• Rogge, Elke (Project Manager)
  • Dessein, Joost (Former Researcher)

    Project Details


    Main research question/goal
    How can the agricultural complex in the region of Roeselare, Belgium contribute to an increased societal and economic visibility and an overall improved environmental quality? ILVO analysed this research question, together with other scientific partners in the thought 4 Food project covered by EFRO objective II – regional competitiveness and employment. VLM West Flanders is responsible for one subproject of Thought 4 Food pursuing an attractive and appealing image of the project area mid-West Flanders – Westhoek,  in which ILVO also participates. Reconciliation of food and landscape production is attempted through the design of integrated landscape perspectives.

    Research approach
    ILVO contributes to the development of two alternative landscape perspectives based on an elaborated area analysis and the collection of bottom-up information about the region. To realise this goal, a total of 48 interviews are conducted with farmers, industry leaders and residents in the project area. Half of these interviews were effectively conducted by ILVO while the other half is done by employees of VLM West Flanders. Furthermore, ILVO provided advice for the drafting and analysis of a large-scaled internet survey that was launched within this same area.

    In the project area mid-West Flanders (the area of Roeselare) the agricultural complex has an important economic added value. To be able to safeguard this economic added value the agricultural sector needs public support. We conducted interviews are used as an input for the layout of the two alternative landscape perspectives within the Thought 4 Food project. This data is also used within a theoretical research about the connections between social and spatial transformations in rural areas.
    Effective start/end date1/05/101/04/12