Valorization of the brown shrimp Crangon crangon through research on and implementation of innovative, sustainable techniques and to-date processing procedures

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    How can we improve the current quality of brown shrimp traditionally caught without the addition of extra chemical products and preservatives? Brown shrimp, caught by Flemish fishermen are landed within 12h after catch and are cooked on board based on a traditional recipe. Currently, it's virtually impossible to buy brown shrimp without added chemical products and preservatives that improve the shelf life. But this use of additives is less and less appealing for consumers, who are looking for sustainable products of high quality for a fair price.

    Research approach
    Within the project QualiCrangon, a study is being made about the current processing procedures of brown shrimp on board (cooking, cooling, storage) and on shore (preserving, peeling, refrigerating). Once listed, the processing procedures will be improved and wherever possible standardized in cooperation with the fishermen. This project needs to formulate the scientific fundaments to guarantee a safe and high-quality product with a promising (improved) shelf life.

    The ability to guarantee good quality brown shrimp is essential for the price setting and the yield and profitability of the fishermen and shipping companies. This project will contribute to a high-quality product and a shrimp fishery with a positive image, preparing for future challenges.

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    KULeuven - Fac. Industriële Ingenieurswetenschappen
    Effective start/end date1/10/1131/03/14

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