Valorization of the API economy for the Flemish agri-food sector

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The terms data economy or API economy refer to an economy in which data play a central role to develop new services and products, to find more customers and enter additional markets, or to serve customers even better. Data are then the key thus to accelerated innovation and new business models. The question in this VLAIO-COOCK project is to what extent the agri-food sector is already participating in the data economy. Specifically, the project wants to demonstrate the opportunities of the API economy to companies in the agri-food sector and offer them technical and organizational support. This is a tailor-made translation of knowledge and technology from literature, (research) projects and EU initiatives. The demonstrations help accelerate the transition to a Flemish API economy in the agri-food chain.

Research approach

The project has ended. The research approach used was to inform and inspire companies around API economy opportunities. By spreading first experiences of pioneers through events, articles and webinars -including Djustconnect's we-produce-food-and-data series - the drivers and added values of data and data sharing were made clear. Information, reports and feedback on the events can be found on the DjustConnect website under 'News'. 

Companies were supported in drafting a digital business strategy and in building their API ecosystem. The canvases developed within this project can also be used by companies after the end of this project to identify business opportunities (

We provided technical know-how and organizational transition skills. We are creating transparency about data integrity that is technically built into the data sharing system 4.0. Handouts and reports about this are  available on the web page:


The economic potential for the Flemish agri-food sector is great. But the global API economy can also potentially threaten the local agri-food system. APIs can be used cross-sectorally by virtually any application builder. New disruptive, often non-agricultural, non-Flemish multinational players are poised to roll out API-based services in the agri-food sector. Due in part to a declining number of Flemish farmers, Flemish agri-food companies are under pressure. Doing nothing in the data sharing and API economy sector could mean a loss of market share, employment and new investments.
This project has clarified the urgency and exposed the economic win for providers and users alike. A realization has grown that one can market data as a product, valorize domain knowledge, explore new (international) distribution channels and develop new services through API integration, etc.

Effective start/end date1/09/2028/02/23

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