Strenghtening the cooperation in European research on sustainable exploitation of marine resources in the marine food chains

    Project Details


    Main research question/goal
    The FP7 ERAnet project groups 25 research facilitating institutions with the objective of structuring the European marine research more efficiently. These institutions are spread over many European countries and supported by scientific partners such as ILVO. The project has a broad focus. It includes future research to strengthen the sustainable exploitation of marine sources by fisheries, aquaculture and the related production and processing techniques and blue biotechnology as non-food application. ILVO is lead participant in the parts D2.1.1 – D2.1.3 of work package 2 (preparing an inventory of common research priorities).

    Research approach
    A comprehensive questionnaire was drawn up, and all partners were invited to answer thoughtfully. ILVO then analyzed the responses and prepared a report on priority research topics that served as the basis for 3 calls for projects. This report formed the basis of the organization of a first call on a total of three calls during the project.

    The ILVO has delivered its report on the processing of the submitted questionnaires on European marine research priorities. The final priority list is long. At the top are topics on climate change effects on fish stocks and research on the health status of living marine organisms and communities. The priorities have been validated across the 4 major actions within the COFASP project: 1) how to strengthen fisheries management within an ecosystem-based management context, 2) how to implement the EU strategy on sustainable development of aquaculture in a more efficient way, 3) how to assure the safety, nutritional value, health and traceability of marine products in the entire chain, and 4) how to ensure a (blue) growth for innovative non-food products and services.
    Effective start/end date1/02/1331/01/17