Biological and cultural management

Nicole Viaene, Danny L. Coyne, Keith G. Davies

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    13 Biological and Cultural Management
    Nicole Viaene, Danny L. Coyne and Keith G. Davies
    13.1. Introduction
    13.2. Suppressive Soils
    13.3. Biological Control Agents
    13.4. Interaction with Rhizosphere Microflora
    13.5. Applying Biological Control Agents
    13.6. Integration of Biological Control with Other Control Measures
    13.7. Nematode-free Planting Material
    13.8. Sanitation
    13.9. Physical Soil Treatments
    13.10. Biologically-based Practices
    13.11. Amendments
    13.12. Time of Planting
    13.13. Other Control Practices
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationPlant Nematology
    EditorsRoland Perry, Maurice Moens
    Place of PublicationWallingford
    PublisherCABI Publishing
    Publication date2013
    Pages383 - 410
    ISBN (Print)9781780641515
    ISBN (Electronic)9781780641539
    Publication statusPublished - 2013

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