Comparing three different passive RFID systems for behaviour monitoring in grow-finish pigs

Tami Brown-Brandl, Jarissa Maselyne, Felix Adrion, Anita Kapun, Engel Hessel, Wouter Saeys, Annelies Van Nuffel, Eva Gallmann

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingC1: Articles in proceedingspeer-review


    Animal facilities are increasing in size making it difficult for animal caretakers to
    ensure the health and well-being of all animals under their care. Radio Frequency
    Identification (RFID) systems have been successfully used in animal facilities
    and research has identified potential applications in behaviour monitoring for
    automated problem detection. Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), and
    Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) are the three frequency ranges most commonly
    used. The objective of this paper is to compare and evaluate the application of
    these three different RFID systems within grow-finish swine facilities in terms of
    hardware characteristics, system design, and data processing and usage.
    Differences in tag construction, availability and cost are evident, but also basic
    differences in reader and antenna function, such as physics of data exchange,
    speed of detection, and anti-collision procedures exist. The systems can have
    significant differences in read ranges and also showed varying influence of
    materials, especially water and metal, on the performance of the systems.
    However, the data streams as well as methods of data processing and the creation
    of events (e.g. visits to a feeder) are similar for all systems. The characteristics
    mentioned do not necessarily identify an ideal RFID technology, but reveal
    positive and negative aspects of each system. The three different RFID systems
    have been successfully applied in pig facilities. Current research is focussed on
    the utilisation of the RFID data in prediction and decision models for illness,
    animal welfare and management actions.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationPapers presented at the 8th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming
    EditorsDaniel Berckmans, Alassane Keita
    Number of pages10
    Place of PublicationNantes, France
    Publication date2017
    Publication statusPublished - 2017
    Event8th European conference on Precision Livestock Farming 2017 - La Cité, Nantes, France
    Duration: 12-Sep-201714-Sep-2017


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