Development of a participatory approach to foster transdisciplinary knowledge exchange on agro ecological farm innovation in an interregional context

Jo Bijttebier, Marion Liberloo, Emilie Lacour, Didier Stilmantc, Luk Sobry

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


Agroecology is nowadays acknowledged as an alternative pathway to sustainable agriculture. Farms in transition to adopt agroecological measures are strongly affected by the agronomic, biophysical but also socio-ecological, political and institutional context. This calls in the need for a system approach combining local field knowledge with scientific knowledge of different disciplines. Therefore, agroecological innovation at farm level should be supported by a transdisciplinary approach in which all stakeholders, including farmers should be acknowledged as owners of knowledge, co-researchers and innovators.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - Jun-2019


  • B410-agricultural-hydrology
  • agroecological innovation
  • knowledge exchange
  • transdisciplinarity
  • monitoring in action (RMA)

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