EUR 27153 EN, JRC 95206 - 2015

Cristina Castro Ribeiro , Steven Holmes, Finlay Scott, Angel Calvo Santos, Katrien Verlé, Ivana Vukov, J Dalskov, Josefine Egekvist, Andrei Baikov, Anssi Ahvonen, Pekka Korhonen, Sophie Leonardi, Sébastien Demanèche, Jörg Berkenhagen, Irene TZOURAMANI, Antonios PAPOUTSIS, Lucio LABANCHI, Irina DAVIDJUKA, Olga OZERNAJA, Irina JAKOVLEVAAlgirdas BALNIS, Marianne AQUILINA, Eric Muscat, Katell Hamon, Edo AVDIČ Mravlje, Anton Paulrud, K. RINGDAHL, Matt Elliot, Thomas Reilly

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingContribution to scientific report


    The Workshop on the Transversal Variables took place in Zagreb from the 19th to 23rd of January, 2015 mainly to tackle the issues related to the increasing need of having fisheries fleet economic data and fisheries biologic data on a level of disaggregation that would allow a proper interoperability between datasets to underpin bioeconomic modelling. For that, several analyses were carried out and conclusions taken. These analyses were : 1. comparison of economic and biological effort data calls both with respect to their level of resolution and the landings and effort values obtained from equivalent aggregations was performed. This was compared to what would be needed in order to undertake bioeconomic modelling for a chosen management plan. 2. The description of how MS are calculating effort variables and a proposal on the way forward to harmonize approaches, 3. Conclusions on how to harmonize levels of resolution, the variable definitions and the codification in use amongst data calls, in order to make them comparable and based on coherent standard codifications.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationJRC Science and Policy Reports - Report on the Workshop on Transversal Variables. (Linking economic and biological effort data (call) design). 19th -23rd January 2015
    EditorsCristina Castro Ribeiro
    Number of pages82
    Place of PublicationLuxembourg (LUX)
    PublisherPublications Office of the European Union
    Publication date12-Mar-2015
    ISBN (Electronic)978-92-79-46593-2
    Publication statusPublished - 12-Mar-2015


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