Resistance screening of Coffea spp. accessions for Pratylenchus coffeae and Radopholus arabocoffeae in Vietnam

Phap Q. Trinh, Wim Wesemael, Hung A. Tran, Chau N. Nguyen, Maurice Moens

Research output: Contribution to journalA1: Web of Science-articlepeer-review


Coffee varieties with resistance for the plant-parasitic nematodes Pratylenchus coffeae and Radopholus arabocoffeae are limited in Vietnam. A selection of imported varieties and high yield varieties of Arabica coffee in Vietnam were evaluated for resistance to both plant-parasitic nematode species in Northern Vietnam. The same experiments were carried out with hybrid arabica coffee, three selected clones of Coffea canephora and one clone of Coffea excelsa in the Western Highland of Vietnam. The screened coffee accessions from Ethiopia (KH1, KH13, KH20, KH21, KH29, and KH31) were susceptible and good host for P. coffeae. Also accessions 90P4 (Portugal) and Oro azteca (Mexico) had a reproduction factor Rf > 1. Pluma Hidalgo (Mexico), 90/6 (Vietnam), 90P3 (Portugal), 90P2 (Vietnam), Variedad (Mexico), 90T (Portugal), and Garnica (Mexico) were poor hosts (Rf <1) but not tolerant to P. coffeae, expressed by a reduction of root weight compared to untreated control plants. Most of the coffee accessions tested in Northern Vietnam were intolerant to R. arabocoffeae, except 90T which showed no reduction of root weight, even at high initial nematode densities (4,000/pot). Good hosts for R. arabocoffeae were Variedad, KH1, KH21, KH29, KH20, KH31, and KH13 with Rf > 1. Pluma Hidalgo, 90/6, 90P3, 90P2, 90T, Oro azteca, and Garnica were poor hosts (Rf <1). In the Western Highland experiment, all arabica coffee accessions were susceptible for P. coffeae with Rf ranging from 1.41 to 1.59. Tolerance to P. coffeae was found in C. liberica var. Dewevrei, Hong34 and Nhuantren. Coffea excelsa, Hong34, Nhuantren, and H1C19 were tolerant to R. arabocoffeae at the highest inoculation density (4,000 nematodes/pot). The most susceptible accessions were Nhuantren and K55. Resistance (Rf <1) to R. arabocoffeae was found in C. liberica var. Dewevrei and Hong34. This article reports on the first screening for resistance and tolerance to P. coffeae and R. arabocoffeae in coffee accessions in Vietnam and shows promising results for enhanced coffee-breeding.
Translated title of the contributionResistance screening of Coffea spp. accessions for Pratylenchus coffeae and Radopholus arabocoffeae in Vietnam
Original languageEnglish
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)233-241
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 1-May-2012

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