23th Annual Meeting of the Flemish Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics

  • Cristina Rojo Gimeno (Spreker)

    Activiteit: Deelnemen aan een evenement of er een organiserenOrganisatie en deelname aan een workshop, opleiding, seminarie


    Disease emergence and spread are the result of a number of factors linked to the infectious agent, the host, possible vectors and the environment. The virulence of the pathogen and immunological status and genetics of the host(s) are critical in determining whether the infection develops, remains, spreads or disappears and whether the animal circumvents the disease, becomes sick or a carrier, or recovers. Establishing the biological interplay between pathogen, vectors and host(s), and reservoir species, is therefore key to understanding the dynamics of infections/diseases and developing control and prevention strategies. In addition, infectious agents evolve and are able to circumvent the host immunological reaction or treatments and profit from environmental niches.
    Soort evenementCongres
    LocatieGeel, BelgiëTonen op kaart