5e Belgian Agroecology Meeting (BAM2016)

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    Agroecology is expected to play an important role in improving sustainability of agricultural systems in the centuries to come. The purpose of the fifth BAM meeting is to bridge the gaps between principles and practices in agroecology, between subsystems of the agroecosystem, and especially to bring together research and knowledge on agroecology in Belgium. The meeting is open to a wide range of researchers, land managers and stakeholders interested in agroecology. PhD students are particularly encouraged to attend and submit their latest research. We welcome submissions on research from around the world (with a focus on the temperate zones, but also including the tropics) that bridge the gaps between principles and practices and that are focused on the following aspects of agroecology: agronomy, ecology, botany, economy, social, legal and/or policy aspects, the food system, biogeochemistry and crop protection. System, methodological and/or transdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcomed.
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    LocatieGent, BelgiëTonen op kaart
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