6th Belgian Agroecology Meeting

    Activiteit: Deelnemen aan een evenement of er een organiserenOrganisatie en deelname aan een congres


    This sixth BAM session wishes to highlight the great role that diversity plays all along the conception and application of agroecology. From the structuring of sustainable agroecosystems to the sharing of knowledge between involved parties, the BAM invite researchers, land managers and stakeholders to share about their on-going experiences, innovations, successes and failures.
    Four topics structure the conference :
    •Species association and biodiversity linked to agroecology and/or agroforestry
    •Food systems
    •Teaching agroecology – Workshop
    •(How) can the Ecosystem Services framework foster agroecological transitions – Workshop
    Soort evenementCongres
    LocatieLuik, BelgiëTonen op kaart