A Dialogue for Landscape Action: European Cultural Landscapes at a Crossroads

  • Fanny Van den Haute (Deelnemer)

    Activiteit: Deelnemen aan een evenement of er een organiserenOrganisatie en deelname aan een workshop, opleiding, seminarie


    The first HERCULES’ EU Level Stakeholder Workshop took place on the 23rd May, entitled ‘European Cultural Landscapes at a Crossroads’. The Workshop, which was organized by the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO), gathered 41 representatives from the European Commission, practitioners, NGOs, SMEs and the scientific community to discuss cultural landscapes. As a response to the concerns of the President of the European Historic Houses Association, Matej Batič a senior programmer from Sinergise (one of the project partners in HERCULES) presented how he envisages a solution for mapping and centralizing data, with the help of crowdsourcing GIS techniques. He emphasised that this could be essential in the long run for making well informed decisions in, for example, rural planning. The 3 hour workshop was an excellent opportunity for HERCULES to introduce itself and to start engaging important stakeholders in the discussion.
    Soort evenementWorkshop
    LocatieBrussel, BelgiëTonen op kaart
    Mate van erkenningInternationaal