AESOP Sustainable Food Planning PhD & young professional workshop.

Sara Smaal (Deelnemer)

Activiteit: Deelnemen aan een evenement of er een organiserenOrganisatie en deelname aan een workshop, opleiding, seminarie


Almere is a new town of 200,000 residents, just 30 km east of Amsterdam. Food and agriculture are within city’s DNA, because of its position between the Amsterdam Metropole Region and a polder designated to agriculture. Almere, as a co-signer of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, increasingly aims to strengthen the regional food production of its agricultural hinterland. One of its goals is to regionally resource 10% of its food basket. The city presents an interesting environment that offers a lot of space for cooperation between alternative food networks, food businesses, education, research and policy making. It is also a very diverse city in terms of population, both socio-economically and culturally. Almere harbors the Flevo Campus, a newly established research and education institution which focuses on urban-related food issues. Almere organizes also the Floriade (, the international horticultural exhibition in 2022. The key theme of Floriade is Feeding the city, the aim is to stimulate innovation and the development of solutions that can benefit us all. It will be a living laboratory and a platform for smart solutions on food, health, energy and green infrastructure.

The location of this 3rd AESOP SFP workshop for PhD students and Young Professionals is thus ideally situated to discuss the role of the city as a food actor. Can cities feed themselves? Are cities places that can feed their surrounding environment through experimentation and alternative, sustainable practices? Or are cities places that feed themselves on their hinterland and on the social sphere, leading to an unequal division of benefits and costs of environmental problems? In other words, should we speak of ‘Feeding the City’ or rather of ‘the Feeding City’?
LocatieAlmere, Nederland