An original and participative project to make the Flemish Agri Food system more sustainable

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    How to transform the Agri Food system towards more sustainability? The Flemish Agri Food system has to deal with a lot of challenges. Without a strategy defined by the different links of the food chain, the future of agriculture and food industry will be compromised. During two years, the different stakeholders of the food chain in Flanders got around the table in order to develop a mutual strategy as well as a concrete action plan. At the same time, concrete actions were taken in the field. This inspiring model can be an example for other regions dealing with the same challenges.

    How to transform the Agri Food system: Strategy and roadmap
    Titel evenementEXPO Milan 2015
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    SponsorFEVIA Vlaanderen
    LocatieMilaan, Italië
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