Coping with risks in agriculture: what challenges and prospects

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    Agriculture is a particularly complex sector due to multiple risks and uncertainties farmers face at different levels (farm level, international level…). Farmers are confronted to risks whose likelihood and frequency increase:
    Price volatility is a major issue for farmers with the liberalization of agricultural markets and the CAP reform;
    Quality and price requirements of the agri-food, mass retailing sectors, and an increasingly restrictive legislation reduce farmers’ room to maneuver and their bargaining power;
    Global warming represents a substantial challenge in developed and developing countries. This phenomenon causes an increase in the frequency of extreme events (floods, drought…) which lead some countries to offer crop insurance (e.g. France) or other instruments (microfinance…);
    Agriculture adopts new technologies (robots, GMOs, nanotechnologies, big data…) that can represent new risks and opportunities for farmers.
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