Displacement of macrobenthic scavengers as a response to dead plaice (student: María del Carmen Blanco Fernández)

    Activiteit: OverigeAndere soorten (prijzen, externe en andere activiteiten) - Studieverblijf


    The main aim of this internship is to perform a preliminary analysis of the displacement in macrobenthic scavengers as a response to discards. To do this, the composition of the macrobenthos fauna from different areas within a treatment and between different treatments is being determined and they will be compared through simple statistical analysis. In the original planning, all different treatments were planned to be done during the internship. This accounted for an approximated amount of 160 different samples to be analyzed (as will be explained in the activities), which was overly ambitious given the high diversity of the species in the samples. The objective was rephrased and limited to the data for only one treatment and its control (57 samples), which consists on the combination of fish (or absence of fish) and benthic macrofauna (without any epibenthic company).
    Gehouden opILVO / University of Gent, België